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Stephan Franck

founder / ceo



Bank J. Van Breda & Cį

IBAN BE31 6451 1362 7855


BTW : BE 0882.502.337



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Long & Short Term missions :


             permanent or interim cio, cto, coo, governance positions

             coaching & training of governance & itsm process implementation programs

             reorganizational change, turnaround & crisis management

             biz to ict alignment

             portfolio / program / transition management

             strategic, tactical, operational alignment

             mergers & acquisitions, outsourcing & lean management

             outsourcing RfI / RfP creation & response, contract negotiations

             Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

             process & procedure : enterprise service architecture, security, audit, QRC, biz integration




For SMBís & startups :


            Ad hoc advise &coaching

            Greenfield project coordination

            supplier partnering,

            presiding/leading/membership of steering & organizational committees,

            service management counterweight during vendor/supplier meetings, audits

             ITSM, SLA & sourcing

             Service Contract reviews, consolidation, negotiations



Strategic Alignment :











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