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Optimize your room before upgrading your equipment.

We can help you get the most out of your audio/video investment,

by focusing on:


-       Acoustics:
By focusing beyond individual component quality, we can make the whole
acoustical environment contribute to the listening experience.
Typically starting with the architectural phase (new building/room or renovation),
followed by the interior design and infrastructural phases.


-       Compatibility:
Not just between components, but also between technological standards,
thus guiding you in the format and media wars.
Also compatibility with your personal sonic requirements : the type of music you listen to,
how your ears transmit that music, how your mind perceives the complete image of sound


-       Optimization :

Making your environment operate in the most effective way:
connectivity, calibration (speakers & video), troubleshooting,

Integration with computer, network, triple-play, TV, satellite, etc…


-       Financials:
Being with you from the beginning of the architectural phase to the final delivery,
provides assurance for meeting the requirements without too many surprises.
Together with you, we will work on a balanced investment portfolio and keep the budget
aligned between room, acoustical treatment, components, cabling, power, distribution, domotica, etc…


In short, making sure that HiDef is not just a marketing buzzword for technology,
but becomes a real emotional experience !



Approach :


Instead of focusing on the different materials & hifi components used, the main factor lies in

the overall acoustical performance of the setup in a particular environment.

Hence we start every project with a site survey in the real world or on paper (architect/greenfield),

and by first looking into the

-       Physical & ergonomical aspects of the room(s)

-       The musical preference of the listener (music collection, type of music, …)

-       The hearing perception of the listener

-       The required level of quality, dynamics & definition

-       The tolerance level for imperfections


B2C - Consumer services :

-       Consultancy, assessments & design regarding :

1.    general acoustics

a)    room size & orientation

b)    component & speaker placement

c)    room treatment (absorption, diffusion, bass traps, furniture)

d)    coaching of architect & interior design interaction

e)    acoustical ergonomics

2.    Integration

a)    cabling infrastructure

b)    domotica & multiroom

c)    triple-play (telephony, internet, cable & sat TV)

d)    lighting conditions & projection

3.    component definition

a)    HiFi, high end, SACD, homecinema,

b)    alignment between components

c)    Tuning/optimization/calibration

4.    troubleshooting

-       organization of demo, lab (in-house) & listening sessions (onsite)

-       comparative test sessions with customer material (in-house & onsite)

-       coaching during the design & selection process :
components & cabling compatibility, musical taste, hearing perception, etc…

-       total custom acoustical solutions for : home audio, video, cinematic experience

-       organization of events/trips (flight+hotel) : MOC Hi-End, HiFi-shows, etc…


B2B - Professional services :

-     Architectural coaching for building & interior design architects, contractors, carpenters, etc…

-     consultancy regarding : system/application/telecom/multimedia + integration

-     integrator / total solution provider for :
conference- & boardroom, presentation facilities, cinematic experience, multiroom & domotica

-     technical counterweight during vendor/supplier meetings

-     project management & coordination of contractors


Vendor/Consultant of

-       Parasound, exclusive reference center for Halo topline products

-       Custom made computer systems in the realm of AV & multimedia



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