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We can help you get the most out of your daily acoustical comfort and/or audio/video investment, by focusing on:

·      Architectural design & coaching

·      Room (treatment) Acoustics,

·      Component Compatibility,

·      Component Setup optimization,

In short, making sure that Hi-Def is not just a marketing buzzword for technology,
but becomes a real emotional experience !



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Parasound – Marantz – VanDenHul - Inakustik

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VanDenHul Optocoupler Mk2 T-T VanDenHul Integration XLR  (0.8) VanDenHul Integration XLR  (1.5)






-        NEW Parasound JC3+ Phono Preamp




-       Currently also in demo:
Focal Easya 2.0 wireless
Focal Bird 2.1
Focal Dome 2.1
Focal XS Book 2.0


-       NEW product range : PIOsound electrostatic speakers
Eagle Line


-       NEW product range : Artesania Audio, the ultimate rack furniture

Description: esoteric-AA-[1]


-       Focal BIRD review


-       Eisa award winner: SunFire SDS-12 subwoofer

Description: European HT Subwoofer 2011-2012 - Sunfire SDS-12


-       NEW Parasound JC-3 Phono Preamp (review)

Description: JC3.jpgDescription:


-       New partnership with Deltronic as importer of Kathrein HDTV satellite products

-       Parasounds Bypass Preamp JC 2 BP & how it works

-       New partnership with DSM Audio as new importer of PARASOUND products

-       New partnership with Wave-Computers & BAS for computer & ict supplies (custom components & brands like HP, Apple)

-       New partnership with AudioMarketingServices for Roksan and Vienna Acoustics product lines

-       New partnership with Monitoraudionederland for Leema Acoustics, Transrotor & Custom Design product lines

-       HDMI 1.4 connectivity schemes (07/08/2009)

-       HDMI 1.4 ( 09/06/2009)







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