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In a life-long search of what works best for us as a reference setup, we’ve come up with the conclusion that

the best way is to enter the Hi-Def arena combined with a maximum dynamic range.

Hence our current lab/demo stereo reference setup resides in the realm of Super Audio CD with (specs of

120dB dynamic reach, unlimited frequency range, no compression) combined with class-A based amps

with a very steep curve for optimized response, speed and detail and speaker wise we stick to Focal’s Berillium tweeters.

Thus our set is comprised of the following items:


LS:                                          2x Focal Electra Be 1037

                                                + surround set

Cabling :                                Inakustik LS-1002 speaker

Amp:                                       2x Parasound JC1 400W monoblocks + A51 5x250W surround

PreAmp/Processor:              Parasound C1

Sources:                                Oppo BD-95 – SACD/BD/DVD/CD

Marantz DV-9600 SACD/DVD/CD



Interconnects :                      VanDenHul Integration XLR & HDMI , 

VanDenHul Integration HDMI Ultimate,

Inakustik NF-41 RCA 5.1

Power :                                   Isol-8 Isolink-3

Video :                                    Panasonic TH-58PZ700


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